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About our Awareness Days_ 

Here at Babana we run a range of community awareness ranging from jobs and employment through to suicide prevention, aged care and primary health. We organize these days to keep our mob informed, get them engaged in solution finding, empower them to have a voice and lead conversations. Thousands of people from across the community and further afield have attended our community awareness days over the years.


Babana Aboriginal Jobs Day_


In 2019 we have run a Jobs Day that has focused in on finding work for our mob – this includes matching them with employers, talking with them about how to overcome barriers to employment, mentoring and even the option of starting their own business. More than two hundred partners, community members, job seekers and employers typically attend our Babana Jobs day. In late 2019 we will hold another one as well as four more spread through out 2020. If you’d like to get involved, make sure to message us


Babana Aboriginal Health Day_


Held twice per annum our Health days focus on the need to ensure our mob can lead long and healthy lives. Hundreds of members of our community, partners and service providers attend where we talk about everything from men’s health to heart health, prostate and bowel cancer right through to ensuring mob get their flu shots. We also hold an optometry clinic and free eye wear for those who might not be able to afford either the check or a pair of glasses. Here at Babana its not just about the health of our brothers and men – its also about the health of our children and families. If you’d like to get involved, make sure to message us



Babana Aboriginal Elders and those who care for them Day_


Held once a year this is our chance to bring our elders and those who care for them together to talk about some of the challenges they face and offer up solutions. This includes providing them with the support they often need to overcome small and large issues from access to housing to the more basic care packages provided by third parties such as someone to help mow the lawns, clean the house or just grab the shopping.  If you’d like to get involved, make sure to message us

 Suicide Prevention Awareness Day_


Held each year Babana Aboriginal holds a suicide prevention awareness day to both discuss the challenges we face and the things we can all do to overcome them and focus on a reduction in the national suicide rate. Babana has been proudly organizing these days for the last four years with a focus on creating meaningful and practical ways to support our communities and for them to support each other. Hundreds of people typically attend with partners and front-line service providers also stepping in to show their support for what can be a life changing day. If you’d like to get involved, make sure to message us

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