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For the last decade Babana has been providing a dedicated space each month where Indigenous men and boys can meet to talk about issues impacting them. Called the "mens group meetings" we hold them on the last Friday of each month and they are an opportunity to meet, share and exchange knowledge and experience, tell stories, provide access to inspiring speakers and updates about what is happening in the community. 

We also tackle some of the big issues through Indigenous eyes that deal with the economy, housing and employment, community affairs and social development. More than 3,000 people have participated in men's group meetings over the last decade from the time we started meeting under a tree in Redfern to our current location of Benledi House, 186 Glebe Point Road. 

Babana Men's Group also gets involved in developing projects which include:

  • The annual suicide prevention awareness day

  • The annual colored diggers march on ANZAC day 

  • The domestic violence awareness day 

  • The carers day 

  • NAIDOC week celebrations

The structure of Men's Group follows the age old concept of the yarning circle - where we gather, with no judgement of those in the circle, and talk about the big challenges that we might be facing from relationships and the home front, to kids, jobs and mental health. We talk about the things that most impact and trouble each other while at the same time working to support each other and identify solutions for moving forward. 

Images: One of our Men's Group Yarning Circles held on the front lawn of our office in the shade of the trees. After this particular Men's Group meeting, the community and families were also welcomed into the circle to share stories, knowledge and support each other. 

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Tel: +61 2 9660 5012 

Babana Aboriginal 

Benledi House, 186 Glebe Point Road

Glebe 2037, NSW Australia 

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